Yi Zhao

Close Music for Bodies

U.S.A. | World Premiere
Lighting design for the world premiere of Michael Kiley’s immersive, participatory vocal and dance performance, Close Music for Bodies. It was part of the curated program of the 2017 FringeArts festival. It was directed by Rebecca Wright, and the clothes were by Maiko Matsushima. Sean Donavan was the choreographic consultant. Andrew Nelson was the Max/MSP programmer. It happened at the historic Christ Church Neighborhood House in Old City, Philadelphia, in September of 2017.

A grid of 66 light bulbs activate, breathe, flash, flicker, and go out; sometimes responding to the live, unamplified voices in the room. They set the stage, transform the space, direct traffic, and follow the audience’s every whim.

Photos by Yi Zhao; all rights reserved.

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